Ease away the tension with a Visiting London Massage - in the confort of your home, your hotel room or at your place of work

Viloma Visiting Knightsbridge Massage

You have arrived at our Knightsbridge massage service. Our visiting massage therapists cover Knightsbridge in London but also visit towns near to Knightsbridge. We've selected a few images illustrating our various visiting Knightsbridge massage therapies below.

All you need to do is call either number at the top of the page and one of our friendly receptionists will organise everything for you. And if you feel a little awkward because it's your first time with a massage therapist, don't worry, read our FAQs page which should answer your questions. However, if you prefer to ask a few confidential questions, we're happy for your chosen massage therapist to contact you to discuss your personal or corporate requirements one-on-one.

One of our Knightsbridge massage therapists can be with you within the hour, whether it is at your home or place of work or if you're visiting for the first time, at your London hotel.


Holistic Massage

Based on tincture from £60 an hour

Massage for Couples

A special treat for 2 only £90 an hour

Sports Massage

Pure and penetrating at £50 an hour

Massage for Women

Absolute bliss from just £50 an hour

Head & Face Massage

Rejuvenation & peace - £50 an hour

Massage for Men

Pure relaxation for only £50 an hour

Ease Away the Stress with a Visiting Massage in Knightsbridge

Whether you live in Knightsbridge or you're new to the town, Viloma Visiting London Massage you or your company a relaxing Knightsbridge massage. Our massage therapists are all professionals. Many are trained in the more esoteric therapies, such as holistic massage techniques, as well as the more generic massage therapies suitable for men and women of all ages. They know how to deliver an immersive therapeutic experience and will immediately put you at ease.

Our London massage service covers all of inner London but if you live or work outside the area, please to contact one of our receptionists on the above numbers to see if we can accommodate you.

07910 017 443