Ease away the tension with a Visiting London Massage - in the comfort of your home, your hotel room or at your place of work

Viloma FAQs

Q. Can I visit the therapist?
A. No, we are a visiting agency only. We do visit your home, hotel or work place.
Q. do the therapists carry a massage table?
A. only a few of them do as you can imagine going on the tubes with one.
Q. Do I tip the therapists?
A. That's entirely up to you.
Q. Am I covered / draped during the massage?
A. That depends on the therapist and if you are comfortable.
Q. What if I get an erection during the massage?
A. The therapists will ignore it and work around you.
Q. Can I have any extras?
A. NO. We are a professional massage agency.
Q. Can I request a therapist?
A. Yes as long as the therapist is working on your chosen day.
Q. Can I request the pressure of my massage?
A. Yes of course, we want you to feel relaxed.
Q. Can I cancel my massage?
A. Yes you can but please give 4 hours notice.
Q. My question hasn't been answered.
A. Please email us with your question and we'll add it to this page within 24 hours.

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